Thursday, April 24, 2014

Project 3: Word Cloud in

Along this pre specialization I have been working on my virtual room with the platform called Moodle. I have learned a lot. Likewise I learned to use the different Moodle' tools such as create online quizzes, upload files, create glossaries, link pages, upload videos and so on. That is why my Word Cloud is about Moodle. I wanted to show you the different tools that you you can use in Moodle. My Word Cloud contains all tools used in this platform.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Project 2. Photo Novel.

This is a photo novel about my personal experience when I started my classes at UTEC university I did not find my classroom, at the beginning I did not know my classmates and teachers. So I was nervous and I little bit ashamed, but with the help of some guys I finally found the classroom and came early to the class. I hope you enjoy reading this photo novel!

Adventure at the University by DelmitaFuentesN

Project 1. VisualCV

This is my visualCV. It has my personal information, education, work history, the skills and competences that I have developed, certifications that I have received, extracurricular activities that I have done, my interest or hobbies, my personal references and I added a video about my personal information. Share your VisualCV

Delmy Fuentes VisualCV Resume by DelmitaFuentesN