Sunday, December 15, 2013

Voxopop announcement

Welcome to my English Course Online!
It is a pleasure for me to invite you to kake part of my course.
If you want to have fun and learn in an easer way, access to my web site and be part of this English course.
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This is a concept map which presets a variety of concepts about internet and related concepts like World Wide Web, web browser, social networks, portal, virtual room, eduation and so on. It also shows a relationship between education and internet.


This PPT presents a general view of our research, which is The negative effects of the limited access of instructional technology in the teaching learning process in the English Language Major at Universidad Tecnológica. It is divided in two sections. The first one is the research problem and the second one is the theoretical framework.

Short Abstract!

This abstract presents a short description of my research topic, which is the negative effect of the limited access to instructional technology in the teaching- learning process. It also shows a delimitation where the problem appears.

Abstract by Delmy Elizabeth Fuentes Nuñez